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A portrait doll can bring a memory to life.
Holding a moment in time , never to change,
never to age. Always in your heart.







To have a portrait or likeness doll made requires good close up photos. Professional photographs are not needed. Quality photos of the front and profile of the subject are the minimum. Preferably, many angles are requested. The best results can be achieved if the following guidelines are followed:    

1) Take the photos against a dark background. If you have a black piece of material, hang it over a door and take the picture while the party stands in front of it.

2) Digital photos are preferred over 35 mm.You can e-mail the very best images you have.

3) If possible, take a series of 8 photographs. A front and back, and then turn the party in quarter turns. i.e.: front, 3/4, side, 3/4, other side, back), one angled down on party and the other angled up at the subject. The idea is to catch all angles of the individual. If the artist can not see the angles then she can't create a likeness. Using a camera lens greater than 50mm will prevent distortion in the facial features in the close up picture . I use a zoom lens. Taking pictures outside and away from direct sunlight will also result in a nice close up ,showing clear facial features.

A doll will take about two months to complete. Portrait doll prices begin at $500.00 if nothing elaborate is involved. $100 in deposit is required to begin the process. I will send a picture of the doll when completed. The final payment will be expected upon your approval of the doll. I will do a "layaway" payment plan. You can view other examples of my commissioned portrait sculptures by clicking here

 If you are interested in having a portrait done you may e-mail me

and we can discuss the price of the doll.


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